Beautiful Skyline Tour

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Friday, June 25th. What a beautiful day for a charter. My guests were visiting from the Pacific Northwest and wanted to have a unique New York experience. What could be more unique than the Manhattan skyline. Known around the world for the spectacular, iconic view seeing it from the water adds an entirely new perspective.

We decided to circumnavigate the island in a counter-clockwise direction. This meant we would travel up the East River and see the east side of Manhattan first. We passed under the three iconic bridges that pass over the East River: Brooklyn; Manhattan; and Williamsburg. We had spectacular views of the World Trade Center, Empire State Building, and Chrysler Buildings.

Passing under the 59th Street, Ed Koch, Bridge, we continued up the East River to Hell Gate. That was a fun experience for my guests seeing the "washing machine" effect of the confluence of the East and Harlem Rivers.

We passed by Gracie Mansion and proceeded up the Harlem River. It was a beautiful, calm run all the way to the Spuyten Duyvil Railroad Bridge at top of the river. The bridge was open so there was no need to wait and we passed through and entered the mighty Hudson River. Heading downstream we passed under the George Washington Bridge and by the "Little Red Light House Under the Great Gray Bridge".

The view of the west side was spectacular as always. I was able to give my guests a great view.

We proceeded down past the Intrepid Air and Space Museum as we ventured back to Pier 25. The wind had picked up on the river so my guests could experience the wonderful spray. Fortunately we were nice and dry in the air conditioned wheelhouse.

My guests were looking for a private charter, not a large affair with many strangers. My private tours offer that desired ambiance where you can enjoy your time on the water with your close friends and or family. After a wonderful three hour excursion, I dropped my guests back off at Pier 25; confident they enjoyed their time on the water here in New York.

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