Sunset Lady Liberty Tour

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Thursday, June 17th, was a beautiful sunny day. The summer temperatures were quite comfortable and inviting. It was a beautiful day for a charter. My customers, visiting from California, really wanted an evening tour to experience Lady Liberty at sunset along with the magnificent New York City skyline at sunset.

Departing from Port Washington at 6PM it was a smooth run over to the East River. Passing under the Throgs Neck and Whitestone bridges, past LaGuardia airport and Rykers Island and into the river. Current was with us on the voyage down the river. My guests were able to experience "Hell Gate" and the turbulence caused by the confluence of the East River and Harlem River.

We passed under the Ed Koch (59th Street) bridge, took in the United Nations building and the rest of the glorious east side skyline. As we rounded the bend in the river and passed under the iconic bridges, Williamsburg, Manhattan, and of course, Brooklyn Bridge we could see Lady Liberty ahead.

As we ventured into New York Harbor the Staten Island ferry passed by on their way into the ferry terminal. We crossed the harbor and were able to drift a bit in front of the statue where my guests could take in the history of this place and its significance to immigrants to this great country. I was able to tell them that two of my grandparents came over from Italy and passed by Lady Liberty on their way to and through Ellis Island.

The tide was favorable so I was able to take my guests completely around the statue giving them a full 360 degree view.

As we began our trip back to Port Washington, the sun began to fall below the horizon. As the sun left the lights of the skyline became bright and magnificent. We again passed through Hell Gate and back into Long Island Sound. At this hour the Whitestone and Throgs Neck bridges were lit up spectacularly as was LaGuardia.

We left the lights of the bridges to the stern and darkness settled upon us as we passed the Stepping Stones and ventured back into Manhasset Bay. Very happy to have been able to give my guests what they were looking for - a private tour of Lady Liberty.

Hope to see you soon.

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