World's Fair Marina Boat Tours

Are you currently in Queens, Brooklyn, or Bronx and are looking for an exciting way to spend the day with the people in your life? Look no further! Monty’s Ark Adventures offers World’s Fair Marina boat tours that will let you experience New York City from waters of the New York Harbor. We will pick you up from the World’s Fair Marina in Flushing Bay, Queens, and depart on your chosen excursion around the New York Harbor, the beautiful north shore of Long Island, and the coast of Connecticut. Certain limitations apply. (Please note: There is a $200 surcharge for pick-ups from the World’s Fair Marina in Queens.) 

View the beauty of nature and breathtaking fall foliage around the Palisades Cliffs of New Jersey and the eastern shore of the Hudson River, enjoy gourmet offerings with a dock and dine at Port Washington and Huntington Harbor, admire the engineering of the Statue of Liberty standing atop Liberty Island, showcase your pride and celebrate your identity with our exclusive Gay Charter, or plan your own custom excursion to make your own memorable trip. We offer seasonal pricing packages should you decide to return throughout the year to embark on another cruise over the waters of the New York Harbor. 


Hospitality is a priority aboard Monty’s Ark. Featuring a fully air-conditioned cabin and a cockpit that can be covered with a Bimini top or fully enclosed, we aim to keep you comfortable at all times. A selection of snacks and nonalcoholic beverages are available on our tours for you to enjoy. We also provide refrigeration should you decide to bring your own snacks and drinks.  

A total of six passengers can be accommodated on a daily tour aboard Monty’s Ark. Trips can range from three to eight hours depending on the type of tour and destination package. You can also reserve a private charter, which will take you around parts of the Atlantic Ocean during the day and provide lodging for you during the evening at luxury accommodations, as we do not provide overnight excursions. 

Contact us for more information about our World's Fair Marina boat tours and book your charter today!